3 Main Tenses in English

In this lesson we are going to discover the main information about English three  main tenses.

as we know, all langueges have tenses with by them we can recognise the real time of our activities and moments we live and we passby trough in this life.


Here is the three main tenses we have

the present tense

the past tense

the future tense

So, what we mean by verb tense and what are these main tenses

verb tenses are changes that happen on verbs to talk about different times and moments, so by the we could know the real time of our own happenings and movements.

let s give a bit difinition to each one of them

the present tense used when an activity happening right now and to describe a state of being.

the present tense used also to describe habits, general truths and fixed situations and facts

for example

the sun rises in the est

creatures need food to live

I read newspapers everyday

she is playing basketball now


and we have the past tense

the past tense used to describe an action that is simply has taken place in the past and may still in progress

the past tense, the action started and ended in the past



I visited my friend yesterday.

we spent our holiday ina canada last year.

my small town was growing up very quickly.

she had met him before the party


and we have the future tense

the future tense refers to a time before than now and expresses facts and certainty

the future tense used also to express an action that hasen t occured yet but will happen in the future



he will pass the exam next week.

will you come to dine with me tonight.

I won t live untill I have seen the doctor.