Punctuation Marks

علامات الترقيم

Punctuation marks are symbols that we use in sentences and phrases to make the meaning very clear and understood.

They are also the marks, such as period, comma, and parentheses, … used in writing to separate sentences and their elements to clarify the meaning.

This is a group of Punctuation Marks that we are going to talk about in this lesson:


1- Period or full stop: Used at the end of a declarative sentence to mean that the meaning is completely finished in its structure grammatically.


2- Comma: Used to denote a pause in a sentence, and to separate phrases or items in a list.


3- Colon: Used to indicate what is to follow next in sentences, and used also to precede a list of items or a quotation or an explanation.


4- Semi-Colon: Used to link tow independent clauses and to express pauses longer than a coma and shorter than a period.


5- Hyphen; Used to fasten and glue words together to indicate that they have a combined meaning.


6- Ellipsis Mark: Used to separate items in series.


7- Quotation marks: Used to show that someone else has said it.


8- Question marks: used at the end of an interrogative sentence to form a question.


9- Exclamation mark: used to denote shock, surprise, anger, or used in a raised voice